In Conversation: Vinny Lunar and his hot new Telugu inspired R&B track Prema

Vinny’ Lunar’s new single Prema is an ode to 90’s Bollywood movies and the subtle beauties of a South Asian woman.

Vinny moved to Australia at the tender age of one and has spent most of his life downplaying his heritage. He says that while growing up in Australia, he was encouraged to ‘fit in’ rather than express his uniqueness. 

Prema, which means love in the Telugu, marks a new turn for Vinny, as he embraces his heritage into his art. Prema was released this week, and has already been featured in Spotify's global "Date Night" and "R&B Feels" playlists, which feature major artists like Drake and John Legend.

Listen to our conversation with Vinny to hear about his journey toward creating musical fusion, his plan to challenge stereotypes, and how the journey to embrace his culture began in Berlin of all places.

Correction: this track was produced by @moodymakesmusic, not Bindi Bosses as mentioned in the audio story.

Listen to Prema


Producer: Moody, @moodymakesmusic,
Artwork and Visuals: Daniel Finn, @daniel.designs of @low.beams
Artist: Vinny Lunar, @vinnylunarmusic

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